Thursday, 4 December 2008

We live in Financial Times

Noam Chomsky (80 on Sunday) has said of the pink'un, "it's the only paper to tell the truth."

The truth, of couse, costs. In this case, £1.80 (normally I get to a newsagent that has discounted copies).

From today's paper, of interest for Climate Obsessed Guys/Gals in the machine, are the following-

Nothing on the Italian and Polish games of chicken over the EU climate plan.
Nothing on the car makers victory over those pesky environmentalist.

Instead an editorial that thunders "Officials in Poznan, but especially in Brussels next week must now show an unwavering commitment to action."
They don't mean a bunch of academics and lobbyists meeting for this, though it looks interesting.
They mean the EU Parliament meeting on December 17.

The Appointments section has an extremely clearly written piece by Andrew Taylor that ponders Will the hoped-for green jobs materialise?
"Government may find it difficult to step into the breach if private sector investors get cold feet. The billions of pounds being spent on bailing out banks may not leave much to bolster marginal offshore schemes. Politicians atttending the United Nations cliamte change negotiations in Poznan, Poland, this week and next, may be more concenred about safeguarding jobs in existing industries than imposing extra costs by charging businesses for the C02 they produce."

And the Companies and Markets section has two pieces (the links are added by me, Dwight)
Fink plans to raise $5bn for "eco funds"
Stanley Fink is aiming to raise $5bn within five years for a new environmentally-focused fund manager he has set up with former colleagues from Man Group, where he was chief exectuive until last year.

US car union makes concessions
"The United Auto Workers yesterday made significant concessions as the US's three largest car makers prepared to appear at Congress tomorrow to make their case for emergency funding..."

PS Matthew Engel, like Simon Hoggart only less self-satisfied, has a piece on Parliamentary Games that starts "On the day of the state opening, parliament observes more immutable traditions in four hours than the Catholic Church manages in an entire year." Hmm, I strongly suspect he knows that these so-called immutable traditions contain a fair few made up on the hoof...

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