Monday, 8 December 2008

Of seething frogs and multi-tasking

Two items of note (so far) from the Financial Times, Mon 8th December

On page 9 (despite what the contents on the front page says) we have "Paris to Press UK and Germany on climate agreement" by the estimable Joshua Chaffin

"The UK and Germany are being pressed to agree a bigger subsidy to eastern European countries as France makes a last-minute effort to rescue an ambitious climate agreement..."

I hope French diplomacy can live up to its ol' reputation then...

And then Clive Crook, who may not be reading the same scientific reports as some of us, tells President-elect Obama that first of all it's the Economy Stupid. Me, I think "it's the Ecology, Stupid."

But on both these stories- and this blog, and all of it in fact, I frequently wonder, "why bother." Then I remember the mantra. "We're doing this for the record. The fossil record."

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