Saturday, 31 January 2009


"Due to drive an hour to Luton at 06.00 on Monday morning, for flight to Belfast. Can any weather watchers give me the odds?"

This is a message I've just seen on Twitter. Some presumably official RSPB person (though I can't be sure- anyone can sign up as anything on Twitter) has publicly announced he is flying to Belfast.

Erm, am I missing something here? Isn't the RSPB a member of Stop Climate Chaos? Isn't the RSPB concerned about Climate Change? Aren't they supposed to be looking into their own carbon footprints?
Why not either
a) put this guy on a train and a ferry with a laptop so he's still productive or
b) teleconference?

Maybe there is something absolutely essential in what the guy needs to do in Belfast. I'd be intrigued to know.

Otherwise the RSPB are just more hypocrites.

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