Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Heathrow and Copenhagen

Crunch time at the Copenhagen climate negotiations, December 2009.
It's late on the final night (already extended for an extra day). Everyone is ratty, smelly and desperate.
The British Foreign Secretary is trying to broker a deal between the Chinese and the Americans, to avoid the US-China Suicide Pact.

Brit: "But the Honourable Chinese represtentative surely agrees that we must all cut our emissions dramatically."

Chin: "How new many airport runways are you building, sunshine?"

Brit: "Er, well, there's the one at Heathrow, and the one at ..."

Chin: "Let me stop you right there: You. Are. Having. A. Laugh. Good. Bye."

OK, OK, I know this isn't how these things work, but Christ, what a stupid stupid decision from a scared and blinkered representative of a scared and blinkered species...

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